The How to Survive Homeschool Course

Does homeschooling have you feeling overwhelmed? Making the decision to homeschool can be a lot to take on. That’s why I created the How to Survive Homeschool Course! What is it? A step by step guided online course to help you successfully get started with homeschooling kindergarten through grade five. What is included in theContinue reading “The How to Survive Homeschool Course”

Tips for Homeschool: Books & More Books!

Helping your child learn to enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Creating a love for reading is well worth the time and energy invested. You might be thinking, my child just doesn’t like reading. Read below for some tips to get your child excited about reading!Continue reading “Tips for Homeschool: Books & More Books!”

Tips for Homeschool: Free Online Resources

Math Bedtime Math Funbrain K-5 Math Teaching Resources Math Game Time Math Playground Prodigy Splash Learn Xtra Math Games and Activities ABCya Starfall PBS Kids Science Amazing Space Discovery Mindblown Code Academy Home Safari -Cincinatti Zoo How Stuff Works Mystery Science NASA Kids Club Social Studies Crash Course (YouTube) Google Earth National Geographic KidsContinue reading “Tips for Homeschool: Free Online Resources”