Digital Learning with Boom Cards

Things are currently a little different around the world when it comes to children learning and education. Teachers and parents are in need of digital activities for learning at home now more than ever. Have you heard of Boom Learning? I discovered Boom Learning when I was searching for digital resources while virtually teaching myContinue reading “Digital Learning with Boom Cards”

Let’s Get Ready for Kinder

Wondering what to expect for your future kindergartener in the fall? I’ve teamed up with several educational accounts to bring you information and resources to help prepare your child for the school year ahead. Meet the kindergarten readiness team: @eat_play_read has 6 years teaching experience (3 in Pre-K, 3 in K) @kidsrcapable has 3 years experience asContinue reading “Let’s Get Ready for Kinder”

Fine Motor Skills

Erin from gave us some extraordinary fine motor skills information and activities during our #letsgetreadyforkinder segment. Fine motor skills are very important for incoming kindergarteners! Read below to find out ways to help prepare your child! What are fine motor skills? Fine motor skills are coordinated movements using the small muscles in the handsContinue reading “Fine Motor Skills”

Social and Self Help Skills

Jessica from @eat_play_read provided us with some great information about social and self help skills! Taylor from @kidsrcapable also gave us some great tips for dealing with separation anxiety. I think this information will be especially useful for your soon to be kindergartener this fall due to the current circumstances. Read the bulleted information belowContinue reading “Social and Self Help Skills”

Counting and Numbers

Caitlyn from @theitsybitsy.classroom gave us some amazing information about counting and numbers during out #letsgetreadyforkinder segment. Read below for her tips on how to prepare your furture kindergartener! Counting Teachers would like students to have a decent foundation of how to count when entering Kindergarten. Maybe they miss some numbers, maybe they only make itContinue reading “Counting and Numbers”

Speech and Language Milestones

Speech and Language Pathologist Erica Sander from @sanderspeechsolutions provided us with so much information about speech and language milestones during our #letsgetreadyforkinder week! Find out what to expect from your soon to be kindergartener below: Articulation speech should be 95-100% intelligible meaning the message is understood by the listener 95-100% of the time majority ofContinue reading “Speech and Language Milestones”

Letters and Beginning Sounds

Learning letters is very important, but learning the corresponding beginning sound that goes with the letter is even more important!  What does that mean? Instead of just saying “this is the letter A”, try saying, “this is the letter A,  A says “ah” like apple” Connecting the sounds to the letters helps to prepare children forContinue reading “Letters and Beginning Sounds”

Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Handprint Card

Do you need a last minute card for the special dad, father figure, or grandfather in your kids’ life? Check out this adorable, quick and easy editable Father’s day craft. You can download the “Best Daddy Hands Down” freebie below. You will need: Best Daddy Hands Down Craft FREEBIE Card stock Paint 1. Download myContinue reading “Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Handprint Card”