Letters and Beginning Sounds Activities

Learning letters is very important, but learning the corresponding beginning sound that goes with the letter is even more important!  What does that mean? Instead of just saying “this is the letter A”, try saying, “this is the letter A,  A says “ah” like apple” Connecting the sounds to the letters helps to prepare children forContinue reading “Letters and Beginning Sounds Activities”

Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Handprint Card

Do you need a last minute card for the special dad, father figure, or grandfather in your kids’ life? Check out this adorable, quick and easy editable Father’s day craft. You can download the “Best Daddy Hands Down” freebie below. You will need: Best Daddy Hands Down Craft FREEBIE Card stock Paint 1. Download myContinue reading “Last Minute DIY Father’s Day Handprint Card”

Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder

Is your little one hopefully starting Kindergarten in the fall? Do you feel like you need to do some things to get them ready after checking out my How to Get your Child Ready for Kindergarten post? Check out my DIY Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder! It has a variety of hands on learningContinue reading “Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder”

Hooked on Daddy Father’s Day Handprint Craft

Are you looking for a cute Father’s Day handprint craft? Try out this cute “Hooked on Daddy” handprint craft. This is FREE, EDITABLE, and ADORABLE! You will need: Hooked on Daddy Handprint Craft FREEBIE Card stock Paint Crayons or Markers 1. Download my Hooked on Daddy Handprint Craft 2. Make sure you have the mostContinue reading “Hooked on Daddy Father’s Day Handprint Craft”

How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Is your little one getting ready to start Kindergarten? Are you wondering what you could be doing to help prepare them? Check out these ten kindergarten readiness skills below to find out how to get your child ready for Kindergarten! Don’t forget to download your FREE kindergarten readiness checklist. How to Get Your Child ReadyContinue reading “How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten”

Build and Learn with Snap Cubes

This post is all about my build and learn with snap cubes product line! This product line is another great hands on learning activity just like the build and learn with pattern blocks product line. I use snap cubes from learning resources for all of these activities. These snap cubes are easy to put togetherContinue reading “Build and Learn with Snap Cubes”

Activities with Pattern Blocks

If you couldn’t tell, I am all about making learning as fun as possible. I created various build and learn activities because I always find that children learn better through hands on learning activities. This post is all about different learning activities with pattern blocks. Students love to use the pattern blocks I purchased fromContinue reading “Activities with Pattern Blocks”

DIY Peloton Setup

Before having kids, I used to go to the gym regularly. After having my first child, I started to try at home workouts, but couldn’t find something that met my needs. After having my second child, a few family members were raving about Peloton and cycling. I had only tried cycling once in college andContinue reading “DIY Peloton Setup”