Mini Erasers for Learning

I can’t stop buying mini erasers! Every time I go to Target I have to check out the Dollar Spot and see if they have any new styles. Why do I have so many mini erasers you may ask? Well, not only are they extremely cute, but they actually have so many uses when it comes to learning! Whether you are in the classroom or homeschooling, you can find some fun ways to use mini erasers for learning below!


Math Manipulative: Mini erasers are perfect for multiple math activities. Counting, adding, subtracting, multiplying, dividing, you name it! Students can move around the erasers as they try to understand the math concepts.

Making Numbers: Are your students working on number formation?  Give them some mini erasers and have them form numbers.

Sorting: Sorting is an activity that even our youngest learnings can do. Start by sorting by sizes or colors. Older students can pick their own way to sort based on the erasers you give them. They may sort by size, color, shape, categories, etc.

Graphing: Use mini erasers to create a graph! You can create a bar graph, pictograph, or even a line graph. Once students sort the mini erasers and count them, they can then graph how many of each kind they have.

Patterning: You can work on simple or complex patterns with mini erasers. Work on growing, shrinking and repeating patterns using different themed erasers.  

English Language Arts

Making Letters: Are your students working on letter formation?  Give them some mini erasers and have them form the letters.

Spelling Words: Not only can you form letters with mini erasers, but you could extend this further to spell words. This is a fun way to work on sight words.

Story Starters: Give students a few erasers and have them make a story based on them.  The erasers could be characters in the story or objects that might be important in their story.


Game Pieces: My students love to use mini erasers as game pieces.  Give each player a different type of eraser and play! The options are endless.

Incentives: Sometimes incentives are needed to help keep our kiddos on track. You could use the individual erasers as a reward for students. You could also add an eraser to a jar when the class is doing well. When the jar is full, your students will earn a fun reward. Rewards might include extra recess, a movie, game day, or even pajama day!

Erase Things: If your students need an eraser, go ahead and use these cuties as actual erasers 🙂

I get my mini erasers from the Target Dollar Spot, but you can also find them on Amazon. Check out these cute options below:

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links.

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