Books & More Books!

Helping your child learn to enjoy reading is one of the most important things you can do as a parent. Creating a love for reading is well worth the time and energy invested.

You might be thinking, my child just doesn’t like reading. Read below for some tips to get your child excited about reading!

Get Your Child to Love Reading

  1. Read aloud to your child. One of the best ways to encourage your child to love books and reading is to read aloud to them daily. The earlier you start this the better! Make this time together special, free of distractions.
  2. Keep books around the house. Having books, magazines, and other print around your home is a simple way to help children view reading as part of daily life. Don’t forget to model how to properly care for books. Teach your child to treat books with respect.
  3. Choose books your child will enjoy. Read below for some tips about choosing books!

Choose Books that are Right for your Child

  1. Have your child flip through the first few pages of a book. Your child can often tell if the words are too big or there is too much text.
  2. Think about your child’s favorite books when choosing new books. Pick books that are slightly easier and slightly harder than their current favorites.
  3. Think about the subject matter. Is it appropriate for your child’s age? Are they ready to learn about the content?
  4. Choose books based on your child’s interest. I know I already said this, but it is so important! Are they bored of Pete the Cat? Do they love dinosaurs? Try to choose titles that will make them excited to read!
  5. If you know your child’s reading level, use the reading level to choose books!

I love to search for books on Scholastic and Usborne.

I love Scholastic because you can search for books by Grade, Age, or even Reading Level.

They also have a Scholastic page for parents with tons of great articles and tips for choosing books and developing lifelong readers.

I also LOVE finding books on Usborne. You can search for books by age and interest but you can also search by reading programs they offer which is really neat!

Usborne has books for all age levels, birth through middle school. They have so many fiction and non-fiction books to choose from. Their books for our youngest readers are multi- sensory and interactive!

Click here to shop for Usborne books with Jessica from @eat_play_read!

Does your child like to read? What kinds of topics would get them excited about reading?

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