Digital Learning with Boom Cards

Things are currently a little different around the world when it comes to children learning and education. Teachers and parents are in need of digital activities for learning at home now more than ever.

Have you heard of Boom Learning? I discovered Boom Learning when I was searching for digital resources while virtually teaching my students. Boom Learning Cards are convenient, fun, and a lot of them are FREE!

Check out some FREE Boom Cards by clicking on the images below:

What is Boom Learning?

Boom Learning is an awesome website with digital educational games and activities. The resources on Boom Learning are created by teachers for students to use online.

The Boom Learning activities are called Decks and they contain various amounts of learning cards within each deck.

I love that these resources are digital, interactive, and self correcting!

What do I need to use Boom Cards?

According to the Boom Learning website, in order to have Boom Cards play properly you need:

  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • Chromebook/Netbook/Laptop/Desktop Computer: browser that runs HTML5 (Firefox, Chromium Edge, Safari, Chrome)
  • Kindle (Silk)
  • iPad (Safari)
  • Chromebook or Android Tablet (Chrome)


Boom Learning does not work with Internet Explorer. Please check out Boom Learning’s Website for more specifications.

How do I create an account?


If you are signing up on your own without a teacher/classroom, create a free teacher account for yourself.

If you are signing up with a teacher/classroom, the teacher will provide a pin or other information for how to set up a free student account.


You can create a free account if you have five students or less and you don’t plan to create your own learning decks. I would check out all of the account options on Boom Learning’s Website to see which suits you the best. They are very affordable!

Do I have to set up a classroom? 

Whether you’re a classroom teacher, homeschooler, or a parent, you will need to set up your own classroom.  

This video tutorial below is very helpful to get started! 

How do I assign decks?

Free and paid Boom Learning Decks will be available to assign in your library. 

You will need to purchase a deck before you can use it. You can purchase Boom Learning Decks on Teachers Pay Teachers or on Boom Learning

If purchasing on Teachers Pay Teachers, you will receive a PDF download with a link to unlock the deck. 

Please Note: You will have a PDF download with a link to access FREE learning decks from Teachers Pay Teachers also.

If purchasing on Boom Learning, they will show up in your library after purchase. You can simply add decks to your library if they are free.

Once Learning Decks are in your library you can assign them by clicking the blue action button. This will bring you a drop down menu where you can find the “assign” option.

You can find out more about assigning learning decks in the video below:

How do I check on student progress?

You can check out this video below to find out more about reports:

Wait, I still have more questions! 

Check out Boom Learning’s FAQ section or their YouTube channel for more helpful information!

I am LOVING Boom Learning! Let me know what you think of it when you try it out for yourself. Enjoy!

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