Speech and Language Milestones

Speech and Language Pathologist Erica Sander from @sanderspeechsolutions provided us with so much information about speech and language milestones during our #letsgetreadyforkinder week!

Find out what to expect from your soon to be kindergartener below:


  • speech should be 95-100% intelligible meaning the message is understood by the listener 95-100% of the time
  • majority of speech and sounds have been acquired in all word positions (p, b, m, n ,t, d, k, g, f, s, y, h, sh, v)
  • may continue to produce later developing sounds with difficulty (l, r, sh, th, ch, z, s)


  • use complex sentence structures, can connect two different ideas in one sentence
  • use simple past tense verbs -ed
  • produce more adjectives to describe what they observe
  • include pronouns (I, me, my , myself, they, themselves)
  • produce sequencing in their stories, they are more organized and cohesive


  • demonstrates cooperative play skills with peers
  • play simple games and follow rules (Simon says, BINGO, Go Fish, board games)
  • participates in 4-5 conversational turns with a partner and will initiate and stay on topic
  • use language to discuss emotions
  • learning how to repair communication breakdowns and can rephrase or revise their message


  • follow multi-step directions
  • understands comparative vocabulary (big, bigger, biggest) and location vocabulary (between, below, on top)
  • identify similarities and differences
  • recognizing simple rhyming words
  • understand simple concepts of time (yesterday, tomorrow)
  • answers simple concrete questions (yes/no, who, what, where)

Activities & Resources

Click on the pictures to find out more about the rhyming activities!

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