Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder

Is your little one hopefully starting Kindergarten in the fall? Do you feel like you need to do some things to get them ready after checking out my How to Get your Child Ready for Kindergarten post?

Check out my DIY Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder! It has a variety of hands on learning activities that will prepare your child for Kindergarten. This binder is reusable, you can do these activities over and over, and they are FUN!

How to create your own “Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder”

Step 1: Download your Get Ready for Kindergarten {BUNDLE} and purchase the following materials to create your own binder:

Step 2: Print your Get Ready for Kindergarten {BUNDLE} on card stock. I printed most of the activities double sided. This will depend on the thickness of your card stock.

Step 3: Put your printed activity sheets into the page protectors. This will make them reusable. You can use dry erase markers to complete the learning activities once they are in the page protectors.

Step 4: Let the learning begin! Make sure to always supervise your child while they are completing these activities and using the learning materials.

PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to purchase and use my learning materials. You can create your own reusable learning binder with whatever learning resources you would like!

Check out some of the resources included in the Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Bundle below:

Name Tracing Mat

Prewriting Shapes

Tracing & Cutting

Letter Formation

Number Formation

Building Uppercase Letters

Building Lowercase Letters

Building Numbers

Identifying Colors

Identifying Shapes

BONUS FILE: A-Z Alphabet Animal Puzzle

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon Affiliate Links

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