Hooked on Daddy Father’s Day Handprint Craft

Are you looking for a cute Father’s Day handprint craft? Try out this cute “Hooked on Daddy” handprint craft. This is FREE, EDITABLE, and ADORABLE!

You will need:

1. Download my Hooked on Daddy Handprint Craft

2. Make sure you have the most recent version of Adobe and also make sure you download the free personal use font KBCameraShy

3. Edit the PDF! You can change the name from Daddy to whatever you would like: Grandpa, Papa, Dad, etc and you can change the children’s names at the bottom to your own children’s names. I have two versions of this with one name box and two name boxes.

4. Print your customized PDF on card stock

5. Add handprints! I use crayola washable paint because it is non toxic and my kids make a mess!

6. When the handprints are dry, you can add eyes and mouths with crayons or makers. You can also add water to the bottom. I used crayons to add little blue waves when everything was dry.

I hope you enjoy this adorable Father’s Day keepsake!

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Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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