How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

Is your little one getting ready to start Kindergarten? Are you wondering what you could be doing to help prepare them? Check out these ten kindergarten readiness skills below to find out how to get your child ready for Kindergarten! Don’t forget to download your FREE kindergarten readiness checklist.

How to Get Your Child Ready for Kindergarten

1. READ:

Read to your child! Teach them how to hold a book and how to turn the pages. Run your fingers under the words as you read to help them learn that words go from left to right and top to bottom. I have included some great books to get ready for kindergarten in the resources below.

Reading Resources I Love:

First Little Readers

Bob Books Beginning Readers

Dr. Seuss’s ABC

Chicka Chikca Boom Boom

2. DRAW:

Have your child work on drawing prewriting shapes. Have them draw a person with body parts. Drawing helps children get ready to write letters and words while strengthening little hand muscles.

Drawing Resources I Love:

Crayola Washable Crayons

Prewriting Shapes Practice


Focus on having your child write their name. Use my editable name tracing mat to have them practice. After working on their name, have them practice tracing other letters and numbers. You can let your child write in shaving cream and finger paint or salt, sugar, or sand in a tray to make it more exciting and to introduce them to different textures.

Writing Resources I Love:

Trace & Learn {Name Practice}

A is for Apple Book

Trace & Lean Letter & Number Formation Bundle


Help your child recognize letters of the alphabet through play. Build letters with snap cubes, trace letters with markers or crayons, and read books about the letters of the alphabet. Some other fun ideas you could try are magnetic letters on the fridge or a cookie tray, or foam letters in the bath tub. Make sure to talk about the sounds that letter makes. Example. A is for alligator. Learning beginning letter sounds and connecting sounds to letters is VERY important and prepares children for learning how to read!

Letters & Sounds Resources I Love:

Clip & Learn {Beginning Letter Sound Wheels}

Build & Learn with Connecting Links {Beginning Letter Sounds}

Build & Learn with Puzzles {A-Z Alphabet Animal Puzzles ~ Self Correcting}

Playdoh Shape and Learn Letters & Language

Build & Learn with Snap Cubes {Uppercase Letters}

Build & Learn with Snap Cubes {Lowercase Letters

Foam Letters

Jumbo Magnetic Letters


Count throughout the day. Count the blocks as you play with them. Count the blueberries as you put them in a bowl. Point out numbers you see around the house and outside. Work on counting up to 20 (counting to 100 is expected by the end of Kindergarten). Work on recognizing numbers 1-10 (1-20 is expected by the end of Kindergarten). 

Numbers & Counting Resources I Love:

Build & Learn with Snap Cubes {Numbers 1-10}

Play Doh Shape and Learn Numbers & Counting

Build & Learn with Puzzles {Number Correspondence Counters 1-20}

6. SHAPES & COLORS: Find objects of specific shapes and colors around the house or neighborhood. Sort toys by color or shape, play shape or color games, complete shape or color puzzles, etc. 

Shapes & Colors Resources I Love:

Melissa & Doug Shape Sorting Cube

Search & Learn {Color Identification}

Search & Learn {Shape Identification}

Play Doh Shape & Learn Colors & Shapes

7. CUT:

Have your child use child safe scissors to practice cutting paper. Cutting Play Doh is also fun for children. Always supervise your child when they are using scissors. 

Cutting Skills Resources I Love:

Child Safe Scissors


Help your child get ready to follow directions at school by giving two step directions. Example: Please push your chair in and put your plate in the sink. You can also play the game Simon Says. Example: Simon says jump up and down and shout Yippee!


Give your children opportunities to interact with other children their age. Teach your child how to express their feelings and how to be a good friend.


Use different writing utensils such as crayons or scented makers to make writing fun. Have your child use snap cubes to create letters and numbers. Play with Play Doh, do lacing or threading activities, and put puzzles together to work on motor skills through play. 

Fine Motor Skills Resources I Love:

Personalized Name Puzzle

Learning Resources Snap Cubes

Melissa and Doug Alphabet Lacing

Melissa and Doug Self Correcting Alphabet Puzzle

Check out my Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Bundle. This bundle contains 10 printable kindergarten prep learning activities along with a bonus activity to help your child get ready for kindergarten. I hope that this helps with preparing for kindergarten!

You may also be interested in my DIY Get Ready for Kindergarten Learning Binder!

Not into printable resources? Check out my Get Ready for Kindergarten {Digital BUNDLE}

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