Easy DIY Mother’s Day Craft

Mother’s Day is this weekend! Do you need a last minute gift idea? Try out this easy DIY Mother’s Day craft. All you will need is a canvas (or paper), paint, and your child’s foot!

To make these footprint flowers, I usually put paint on a paper plate and spread it around so I can easily stamp my child’s foot in the paint.

Depending on the age of your child, have them step on the plate, or you will need to stamp each foot for them.

Now comes the tricky part, getting their footprints on the canvas or paper! Start from the heel and roll their foot onto the paper or canvas from heel to toe.

Do this for each foot to create your foot flowers!

When the foot flowers are dry, paint on a stem and leaves to the bottom of your foot flowers.

I personally love keepsake hand or footprint art from my children. Try this out for a quick and easy Mother’s Day gift!

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