Fun Shape Activities for Toddlers

Is your toddler working on their shapes? Do you need some ideas? Here are a few fun shape activities for toddlers that you can try out at home!

Post-it Shape Matching

You will need:

First, I taped two 12 x 12 sheets of paper to the wall with painter’s tape. You could use other sized paper or white butcher paper. I just used what I already had. Next, I made 8 Post-it’s for each shape. I only used three shapes: triangle, circle, and square. I made two sets ( four of each shape) for the wall and four of each shape to be scattered around the room for my daughter to find.

The goal was for her to find all the post-it notes around the room and then match them to the post-it’s on the wall. This activity is focused on matching the shapes, but you would also work on shape recognition at the same time.

This is engaging and fun and can be modified for older kids by using sight words, numbers, letters, etc!

Do you have any post-it’s lying around? This is an easy way to create a fun learning activity for your child.

Shapes Sensory Bin

Sensory bins can be messy, but they keep kids entertained! You can use a lot of household items you already have for sensory bins.

We used the following materials for our shape sensory bin:

Sensory bins support the following skills:

  • fine motor
  • imagination
  • creativity
  • measurement
  • language development

You can search for specific shapes, identify shapes your child pulls out of the bin, or just let them play around with the shapes they uncover.

Shapes Sticker and Tube Matching

This is a fun shape matching activity that also works on fine motor skills.

You will need:

This is another easy learning activity that uses recycled materials. Draw shapes on a paper towel tube, and draw those same shapes on circle stickers. Have your place the stickers on the paper towel tube on the correct shape. 

You can easily modify this for letters, numbers, and so much more.

Cheerio Shape Stamps

You will need:

  1. Create your desired shapes on your card stock or cardboard squares. I would use cardboard if I did this again, our card stock got a little wilted.
  2. Hot glue Cheerios onto the shape outlines. I used stale Cheerios.
  3. Hot glue a pouch top onto the back to use as a handle.
  4. Dip your Cheerio Shape into the paint (we use washable) and stamp away! 

We had a ton of fun with this! I found this idea on Instagram on the page @bless.themess.

You could also do shape stamping with cookie cutters if you have cookie cutters in various shapes.

Shapes, Colors & Megablocks

You will need:

We worked on color recognition, shape recognition, and building and it was so fun!

  1. I created shapes on the floor with painters tape.
  2. We sorted the megablocks by color. 
  3. I had my daughter put one color in each shape.
  4. I let her build and play with the blocks once we sorted.

For an older child, you might have them build the shape using the megablocks as shown below:

I found the inspiration for this activity from the Instagram account @create_make_and_play 

Play-Doh Shape & Learn

PlayDoh is great for little learners. I love the PlayDoh shape and learn colors and shapes set. It comes with shape cutters, two mats, and a small teaching manual for parents/teachers.

My two year old is currently working on shapes and colors, and she absolutely loves rolling out the dough and cutting her shapes. You can work on shape and color recognition as well as shape and color matching.

The kit also comes with a pattern mat and a picture mat. The possibilities are really endless for what you can do with PlayDoh to help littles learn. You do not need this specific set, you can make activities on your own, but I loved how it all came together in one box with activities to follow and modify based on your little learners abilities.

Shape Hopscotch

Find out more about my hopscotch chalk shapes activity here. All you need is chalk!

These are just a few fun shape activities for toddlers you can try out! Have fun learning!

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