Educational Scavenger Hunt Fun!

Do you need something to do that is fun yet educational? Do you need a time filler? Do your kids need to get up and move around? Try out some of my free educational scavenger hunts! All you need to do is print the scavenger hunt sheets and have some crayons, colored pencils, or makers to compete this activity!

Shapes Scavenger Hunt

Your child will go on a shape hunt inside and/or outside your house! They will trace and color the shapes when they find something that is that shape.

The following 2D shapes are included: diamond, oval, circle, rectangle, square, pentagon, triangle, hexagon.

The following 3D shapes are included: cube, cone, rectangular prism sphere, pyramid, cylinder.

Number Scavenger Hunt

Numbers are everywhere! Can your child find all of the numbers 1-20 inside and/or outside your house? Your child will color in the numbers as they find them.

Alphabet Scavenger Hunt

This scavenger hunt is similar to the number hunt above, but instead of finding numbers they will be trying to find something that starts with each letter of the alphabet! Color in the letters as you go!

These are just a few scavenger hunts I have made which are targeted towards younger learners ranging from PreK-2nd grade. I will try to post some more scavenger hunts for older learners later this week! Have fun!

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