Learning with Easter Eggs

There are so many ways to use plastic easter eggs for learning! Do you have any laying around your house? If so, try some of these ideas out with your children!

Easter Egg Hunt

You can make your easter egg hunt as easy or difficult as you please. You can do an easter egg hunt inside or outside! There are so many options.

I did an Easter egg hunt where all of the eggs were visible for my daughter to work on color recognition. She had a blast running around the yard grabbing the eggs.

Scrambled Easter Egg Words

This activity is great for sight words or spelling words. Your child will need to try to unscramble the words they find in each Easter egg.

  1. Cut out the letter tiles and put them into each egg ( I have a free version with Fry’s First 20 Sight Words along with an Editable version)
  2. Go on an optional Easter egg hunt to find the eggs.
  3. Your child will empty the contents of each egg and try to build their word and write the word on the recording sheet.

You can find my free Scrambled Easter Eggs Digital Download Here.

You can find my Editable Scrambled Easter Eggs Digital Download Here.

Alphabet Egg Match

  1. Put a letter into each egg. I used my lacing letters in the photo above from Learning Resources, but you can use my free Alphabet Tiles.
  2. Go on an optional easter egg hunt to find the eggs.
  3. Have your child match the letters from their egg to the letters on my free Alphabet Sheet.

Alphabet Sheet FREEBIE

Letter Tiles FREEBIE

Matching Colors with Easter Eggs

Detach all of the plastic Easter eggs and have your child put the eggs back together finding the correct colors to make a whole egg.

I recommend separating the tops and bottoms of your plastic Easter eggs into two piles to make it easier for your child to create a whole egg.

Place whole eggs into a basket or bucket.

Twist the Egg: Word Families

For this activity, I focused on CVC words. What is a CVC word? CVC stands for vowel consonant vowel. These are words that are important for beginner readers to practice. An example of a CVC word would be ‘hat’.

  1. Get your plastic easter eggs and a shaprie.
  2. Using your sharpie, write the ending on one half and write several letters vertically on the other half so that when you turn the egg it creates new words.

I chose ‘at’ for my word ending. I put the letters ‘c’, ‘h’, ‘b’,’m’, and ‘p’ on the other half to create the words, cat, hat, bat, mat, and pat.

Check out this free CVC Word Lists Printable from The Measured Mom.

Twist the Egg: Math Facts

Practice math facts with your child using plastic Easter eggs. You can modify this for addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division.

  1. Get your plastic easter eggs and a sharpie.
  2. Using your sharpie, write your math problem on one side for example ‘4+3 = ‘. Do not write the answer. You will write the answer along with other possible answers vertically on the other half of the egg.
  3. Your child will turn the egg until they find the correct answer.

These are just a few fun learning activities you could do with your plastic Easter eggs! I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter and is staying safe and healthy during this time!

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