DIY Silhouette Portrait

I first saw the idea to create DIY silhouettes of your children on the amazing YouTube channel House of Hunts Vlogs. I knew I wanted to do this for my children when they turned one, but I didn’t have all the materials from the tutorial. I made some modifications and it was actually a fairly easy project to make. I really LOVE these silhouettes so much and I will always cherish them. I figured I would share my process so you could create some of your own! They also make great gifts for grandparents.

You will need:

Step 1: Take a photo of your child that captures their side profile. This may be the hardest part of the whole project depending on the age of your child! I found that putting something on the television at a high volume captured my son’s attention for just long enough for me to snap a quick picture of him.

Step 2: Print your photo full page, I chose the 8.5 x 11 setting when printing. I printed my picture on white cardstock.

Step 3: Cut out your child’s profile! Using scissors was easiest for me, but I have seen people use an exacto knife.

Step 4: Flip your cut silhouette over to the blank white side. Place on top of newspaper or cardboard. I used a Cheerio box from the recycling for this part. Get your black acrylic paint along with your paintbrush ready as well. I just used a paintbrush I had at my house. You may want to use a different paint brush based on the finish you would like.

Step 5: Paint your card stock silhouette and let dry.

Step 6: Once your paint is dry, you can add type or writing and then glue the silhouette onto the other piece of white card stock. I used my cricut to cut white vinyl text to apply to my silhouette, but you can simply write in black pen or marker on your white card stock if you would like to add any text such as names or ages. I used an Elmer’s glue pen to glue my silhouette to the white card stock.

Step 7: Once the glue was completely dry, I placed my finished project into my frame.

Tada! Finished DIY silhouette portrait. Enjoy this special keepsake.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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