Learning with Chalk

Shapes & Colors Hopscotch

Draw as many different colored shapes outside with chalk as you would like and turn it into a fun movement activity that also helps children identify shapes and colors.

Have your shapes in somewhat of a path for your child.

Littlest Learners

  • Where is the square? Hop on the square.
  • Find the circle and hop on the circle.
  • Where is the orange shape? Hop on orange.
  • Where is the blue shape? Can you hop on it? 

You can create a spinner with rules for older children.

Spinner Rule Ideas

As you travel the path, hop on one foot and…

  • only on blue, orange, and red
  • skip triangles
  • name the shapes as you land on them
  • name the colors you land on them
  • skip circles

You can modify this simple activity based on your child. 

Jump & Spell

Grab your chalk, write the alphabet, have your child spell sight words or spelling words by jumping to each letter!

This is a simple and fun outdoor learning activity involving movement.

Decorate your Chalk Self

Have your child lay on the ground. Outline their body and let your child decorate themselves! You can extend this and make it more educational by identifying body parts, measuring the length of their body, putting on clothing and identifying the types of clothing, etc.

Chalk Art

One of my friends did some beautiful chalk art and I just had to share this! You will need tape and chalk!

Step 1: Lay down tape to make your design. You can create specific shapes if you would like to promote learning about shapes, or just make any design your heart desires.

Put down tape to make your design

Step 2: Being to color in your design with chalk.

Begin coloring your design with chalk.

Step 3: Remove your tape and you have your beautiful artwork!

Remove tape and you have a beautiful masterpiece!

These are just a few ideas to get outside and have fun with chalk. Enjoy!

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