Sight Word Guess Who!

I am all about making learning fun, so fun in fact that your child may not realize they are learning! Do you have the game Guess Who? You can turn it into a learning game with my Editable Sight Word Guess Who digital download. Find out how to make this game below!

Game Prep

  1. Print on card stock (you can print on plain computer paper but it will not work as well) and cut out all of the cards
  2. Take the picture cards out of your Guess Who game and replace with the blue and red sight word cards. Blue cards on one game board and red cards on the other game board.
  3. Put the yellow cards face down and spread them out.

*Please note, this is for the newer version of the game*

How to Play

  1. Begin with all of the words on your board flipped in the upward position.
  2. Draw one yellow sight word car and place the yellow sight word card in the slot. Make sure your opponent does not see your sight word card! 
  3. Take turns asking your opponent yes or no questions. After your ask a question, flip down any words that don’t match the description. The goal is to find out what their word is before they find out yours!
  4. At the end of the game, you will have one word remaining flipped in the upward position. If you played the game correctly and the other player answered all of your questions correctly, it should match your opponents yellow sight word card.

Example questions:

  • Does your word begin with the letter “t”? 
  • Does your word have 3 letters?
  • Is there an “a” in your word?

Example: If I asked my opponent if their word has four letters and they said no, I would flip down every word that had four letters.

You can find my Editable Sight Word Guess Who digital download here.

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links.

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