Nerf Gun Learning

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Does your child love playing with Nerf Guns? This post might be for you! You can use my one simple set up below for many different educational topics!

Shoot the________ (Fill in the Blank)

Using Nerf Guns is a great way to get children motivated to learn! How can you use Nerf Guns educationally you might ask? Here is a simple activity you can set up in your house on a wall for MULTIPLE subject areas and topics.

The activity we set up was ‘Shoot the Sight Word’.

You will need:

  • Construction paper
  • Paper clips
  • Computer paper
  • Tape
  • Nerf Gun & Accessories
  • Marker or pen (you might want to write your words down instead of printing them)

Set Up:

  1. Decide how many words you would like to have on the wall. Tape a piece of construction paper for each word directly to the wall.
  2. Attach a paper clip to the top of each piece of construction paper.
  3. Type and print your words out on computer paper, or simply write your words on pieces of computer paper.
  4. Slide each word paper under a paper clip to keep it on the wall. You can easily slide the paper in and out of the paper clip. You can take the words down after they are shot. You do not have to set it up this way, but it is easier to change and modify by using paper clips instead of only tape.

How To Play:

  1. Call out the sight words and your child will find them on the wall and shoot them.
  2. Take the word down after they shoot the word. Continue until all words are gone.

** Don’t stand too close to the wall! You do not want the Nerf dart to bounce back into anyone’s face! **

Other Ways to Play:

  • Shoot the Sight Word
  • Shoot the Letter
  • Shoot the Number
  • Shoot the Shape
  • Shoot the Color
  • Shoot the Answer (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)

Does your child love Nerf Guns? Try out some learning with Nerf Guns! Have fun and be safe!

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