Daily Learning Schedule Ideas for All Ages

Many parents and caregivers may now be home with their children due to COVID-19. If you are like me, you like a schedule! I have provided some example daily schedules for various aged children. Remember, these are just examples and frameworks. Your day may not always go as planned and you will need to be flexible, but it is always good to have something to refer to. I have included an editable schedule as well in my FREE schedule PDF at the bottom of this post.

Toddler/ PreK

Children this age can be pretty unpredictable and your days may sometimes be crazy, but this is a general framework to follow. I do want to also add … please do not expect your toddler or even kindergartener to sit/learn/be actively engaged for longer than 10-15 minutes MAX! During “learning time” provide books, puzzles, songs, games, and so forth.

Children learn through play. Use toys you already have and make them “educational”. Have your toddler find all the toys in the playroom that are red. Sort all of the blocks by color. Have your child make a tower that is 10 blocks high. Count the toys as you put them into a bin. Have your child tell you what shapes are on the wooden puzzle.

Lower Elementary K-2

As stated above… please not expect your child to sit for a full hour during learning time. Break the learning time up into chunks. Instead of only having your child do school work or worksheets provided by their teacher, play learning games! Give small “brain breaks”. Have your child do some of their learning using technology. Use household objects for learning. Have your child read recipes, labels on items, subtitles on tv, or instructions for games. Use food items, legos, or other toys to help with math. I will be posting more information about fun and easy learning games soon!

Upper Elementary

Your child will be able to do schoolwork for longer periods of time in upper elementary, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they will want to. Provide upper elementary children with incentives for completing their work. Maybe they can have more screen time if they complete all of their assignments for the day. There are a lot of educational resources, games, and videos online that can be incorporated into learning time for your child. I will be compiling and sharing a list of online resources that are FREE during this time to help parents.

Middle School & Up

Your middle schooler/high schooler will probably have a pretty heavy workload sent home from their teachers. Try to break it up throughout the day so they are not overwhelmed. Help them when you can, and if you can’t, reach out to teachers online! There are so many FREE resources available during this hard time, and so many educators who want to help!

I have included an EDITABLE daily schedule in my FREE PDF below. You can simply click and type to edit the entire schedule including the headers.

I hope that these schedules are helpful for you during this crazy time! Remember, these are just a framework… your day may not look like this everyday, or any day for that matter! Just do YOUR best.

If anything, educationally, please make sure your child is reading everyday or you are reading to your child everyday!

Stay positive, you’ve got this!

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