St. Patrick’s Day Activities

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This post was supposed to be published last week, but with everything going on in the world right now, life got a little crazy! Here are a few last minute St. Patrick’s Day Activities.

Elementary Activities

Lucky Charms St. Patrick’s Day Math

Have some fun doing math with Lucky Charms! I honestly forgot how tasty Lucky Charms were. Give each child at least 20 marshmallows. Children will sort their Lucky Charms and count how many they have of each. They will then do Lucky Charms Graphing using their marshmallow data. They can use their data to do addition and subtraction facts. I have also included some word problems in this FREEBIE as well. Food makes math a lot more fun. Lucky Charms are pretty tasty as well. You can download this freebie below.

How to Catch a Leprechaun Writing & Drawing

One of my favorite books to read for St. Patrick’s day is How to Catch a Leprechaun! If you do not have this book, you can order it here or you can play it as a read aloud on YouTube.

After listening to the story, students decide how THEY would catch a leprechaun. Depending on the age of your students, you can have them just do a picture or you can also have them write a “How To” writing to go along with their picture. You can download this FREEBIE below.

How to Catch a Leprechaun Drawings Left to Right: Using a giant blue net, using a pink cage, luring the leprechaun in with a chocolate bar and gold then throwing a net on top of him.

Toddler Activities

Pom Pom Rainbow

Pom pom rainbows are an easy, colorful, and fun activity for little learners. We made our craft after reading the book What Makes a Rainbow. The read aloud is optional, but my daughter really likes this book as it has string inside and after each page is turned, a new string is added to the rainbow to represent the bands of the rainbow.

When we finished the read aloud, we headed over to the table to work on our craft. You will need the following materials:

  • Pom poms or pieces of colored paper (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • White paper with a rainbow printed or drawn (I drew our rainbow)
  • Glue

You can work on colors with your child by having them sort the pom poms into piles of each color. I placed glue on each rainbow arch so my daughter could easily place the pom poms onto the glue. I guided her and helped her to put the pom poms in the right rainbow archs. She had a lot of fun with this and it is actually a very good fine motor activity. We were running a little low on some colors, but I still think it turned out so pretty! You could also use pieces of colored paper in each color of the rainbow if you did not have pom poms.

Shapes Shamrock

Making a shape shamrock is a great way to practice shape recognization and also helps little fingers use fine motor skills. You will need the following materials:

  • 12 x 12 piece of white cardstock to make shamrock
  • Green construction paper or cardstock to make shapes
  • Glue

I cut a shamrock out of cardstock using my cricut machine, but you could easily draw the shamrock and cut it out yourself! I then cut shapes out of green construction paper (I did not use my cricut machine for this as you can see some of my shapes are a little lopsided).

I put glue on the shamrock and used a paintbrush to make sure it was covering the whole shamrock surface. I asked my daughter to find certain shapes and put them on her shamrock. After she did this a few time I went ahead and let her do it on her own and put as many of each shape as she wanted onto the paper.

Lucky Charms Sensory Bin

I poured an entire bag of Lucky Charms into our sensory bin and added in some gold chocolate coins. I gave my daughter a variety of cups and tools to scoop, pour, and pick up the cereal and coins. She had a BLAST with this. You could have your child find certain colored marshmallows, you could have your child find and count the coins, you can have your child just explore and have fun!

You also can EAT the Lucky Charms cereal. I forgot how tasty Lucky Charms are! I haven’t had Lucky Charms in years and it was a yummy St. Patrick’s Day treat for not only my daughter, but me too!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Stay healthy and safe!

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