Last Minute DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

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Please supervise children during all activities.

Here are three fairly quick, easy, and adorable DIY Valentine’s Day Card Ideas! You can print these for FREE and make them at home.

I Love You to Pieces Card

What you will need:

  • Paper/cardstock to print FREE PDF
  • A few pieces of colored construction paper cut into small pieces
  • Liquid Glue

Print my FREE I love you to pieces PDF. If you have a younger child, it may be easier to just go ahead and put glue down on the entire heart for them. Finally, have your child place the pieces all over the heart however they would like! Fast, easy, and adorable!

I Love You To Pieces PDF

Top of My Head to the Tips of My Toes

What you will need:

  • Paper/cardstock to print FREE PDF
  • Paint (I use Crayola Non Toxic Washable Kids Paint)
  • Paper Plate and/or paint brush (I put the paint on a plate and then place my toddler’s foot in the paint. You can also choose to paint the paint onto their foot! Whatever works for you)

Print my FREE Top of My Head to the Tips of My Toes PDF. Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe so that you can edit this if you need to. It says I love you Daddy, but you can edit it to say whatever you would like. The font used is KBSticktotheplan.

I prefer to print on card stock for better durability, but plain paper also works. Place your paint on the plate and make sure your child’s foot and toes are all completely covered! You can also paint the paint onto their foot if they allow it! You will make their two footprints in the shape of a heart. You will do this for each foot. Not AS easy as the I love you to pieces, but it is fairly quick and also adorable.

Top of My Head to the Tips of My Toes EDITABLE PDF

I Love You Because

JUST ADDED! Just decided to make this one today so I am adding it to this post. Simply print my FREE I love you because PDF. Cut the heart out and place it over a large piece of construction paper (we used 12 x18 size). Cut a heart from the construction paper as large or small as you would like as a frame for your ‘I love you because heart’.

Have your child write the reason(s) why they love whomever they chose to make their card for. I always love doing activities like this because kids say the sweetest and also sometimes the funniest things!

Paste the ‘I love you because heart’ on top of the construction paper heart. We decided to add some glitter to give it a little more pizazz! I placed glue on the construction paper in the shape of a heart and my kids sprinkled glitter over the glue. This took maybe 10 minutes max! Make one of your own by downloading the PDF below.

I Love You Because PDF

I hope you enjoyed these last minute Valentine’s Day card ideas! Leave a comment if you plan to make one, or even better share a picture of your creations.

Thanks for stopping by!

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