Valentine’s Day Activities for Toddlers

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Please supervise children during all activities.

Welcome back to my blog! Here are a few cheap and/or free activities and crafts for toddlers for Valentine’s Day!

Bee My Valentine

Who doesn’t love kid handprint and footprint art?!? Check out this adorable “Bee My Valentine” craft from The Real Heffern’s YouTube channel here. All of my kids’ footprint art usually just looks like a big blob! I love how Taylor from the Real Hefferns showed how to roll the baby’s foot onto the paper to make the footprint. I can’t wait to do this craft using her awesome tips with my littles for Valentine’s Day!

Heart Stamping

Wait! Don’t recycle your paper towel tube just yet (or don’t throw it away if you don’t recycle). Use that paper towel tube for a fun and easy Valentine’s Day craft. You could use toilet paper tubes if you would like, but for some reason, I can’t bring myself to use them, I get too grossed out. I usually cut paper towel tubes in half instead.

It is pretty easy to form your paper towel tube into a heart stamper! See my pictures below:

After you have created your stamper, put some paper down on the table, pour some paint on a paper plate, and let your little artist dip the heart shaped tube and stamp away! I love Crayola Washable Non Toxic Kids Paint, because let’s be honest, your toddler will probably try to eat some!

My daughter decided she wanted to do a little finger painting along with her heart stamping. We also decided to get a little crazy and add an additional color.

Touch and Feel Heart

This next activity was created with random art supplies I had around my house! I already had 12 x 12 cardstock sheets in multiple colors, tissue paper, googly eyes, pom poms, pipe cleaners, and glue. I bought some red glitter glue and some foam hearts to make this craft a little more festive!

My daughter was a little young to understand the texture part of this craftivity, so this was really just her decorating a heart, but if your child is a little older, you can go more in depth about the textures and find even more different textured items to add to your heart.

Our textures included the following:

  • Pipe Cleaners – Fuzzy
  • Googly Eyes – Smooth
  • Pom Poms – Soft
  • Tissue Paper – Crinkly
  • Foam Hearts – Squishy

(Other textures ideas could include items that are bumpy, rough, hard, fluffy, etc.)

As my daughter put each item onto her heart, I told her what the texture was and we talked about how it felt together. She really just kept repeating me and I don’t think she really understood, but she had a lot of fun!

Since she is only two, I had to help a lot with the glue! I would ask her where she wanted to glue things down, and she would point and I would put a little glob of glue for her. You can decide how you want to handle the glue with your child, but keep in mind that most children try to squeeze the entire glue bottle in one spot. You may want to review how to make small dots of glue!

Our finished masterpiece.

Valentine Pom Pom Sort

Kids LOVE pom poms! This is a fun fine motor activity for kids that can be modified with different materials for any time of the year. I made this Valentine’s themed by using red, pink, and white pom poms from the Dollar Tree and some silicone heart cups which I found at Target Dollar Spot.

You can have your toddler use tongs, kids tweezers, or their fingers to use fine motor skills to pick up the pom poms and put them into each heart cup. I found these adorable mini hand tongs at Walmart for less than $2.00!

You can have your child simply just work on using the tweezers or tool of choice to pick up the pom poms, or you can increase the difficulty. You can have your child work on sorting and categorizing the pom poms by colors if you would like to take this activity up a notch.

We mainly used our fingers for this activity. My daughter sorted them by colors with my help for a little while, but then it just turned into her stuffing as many pom poms as she could into each heart cup! She had a blast, so that is all that matters.

Valentine’s Day Sensory Bin

This activity did not end up being as festive as I had hoped for. I was searching for food coloring at the store and could not find any! My original plan was to use food coloring to make the rice for our small sensory container pink or red. I also could not find any Pom Poms that were large enough for this activity in solely Valentine’s colors.

You can make this activity more festive by using heart candies, heart counters, and so forth.

I gave my daughter the option of three utensils…the mini tongs, the hand tongs, or the kids tweezers. She mainly used the mini hand tongs to search for and pull the the pom poms out of the rice. She LOVED this. She kept shouting, “Look Mommy, look, I found it!” After a while, I simply let her dig using her hands to find her sparkly pom poms.

This activity can keep kids entertained for quite some time, just be prepared for the clean up if you do this activity inside. We vacuumed directly after as rice was all over!

Heart Stickers

This last activity is very easy… STICKERS! Stickers are actually really great for fine motor skills. Simply get a bunch of stickers (we chose hearts for Valentine’s Day) and have your child peel and stick as many as they want on their paper! We used paper shaped as a heart for our stickers.

You can make this more difficult by having your child put stickers on a line to form a letter, number, or shape.

Please be sure to supervise and monitor your child/children during all of these activities.

Hope you enjoy these Valentine’s activities with your littles!

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