Valentine’s Day Themed Activities for Elementary

Today’s post will consist of Valentine’s Day activities targeted towards lower elementary kiddos. All of these activities can be modified for upper elementary. Best of all, all of these activities are cheap and/or free!


Okay, so BINGO can be used all year long, but adding these adorable plastic hearts makes it perfect for Valentine’s Day! I found red and pink plastic hearts at the dollar tree. The hearts, or table scatter, come in packs of 50 each. I would have to say that 100 plastic hearts for $2.00 is pretty great! We did sight word BINGO, but with these editable BINGO boards from my TpT shop, you can customize this activity for any subject or topic! I have used BINGO for vocabulary words, sight words, math facts, numbers, shapes, and the list goes on.

Part Part Whole Addition

We have been working on addition, and I found divided plates that I thought would be perfect to teach this concept. I found these plates at Target for less than $1.00 each! They were $0.59 cents each to be exact! They come in tons of colors and are perfect for math centers. I actually picked up a few extra for my toddler at home as well. Teacher mom win!

You can use flash cards, number cards, or a part part whole chart to display a fact for the student to demonstrate. Using the plastic hearts as counters, students display the problem on the divided plate. The two small sections are the two parts, and the bottom larger section is the whole. I find that my students always learn better when they are able to do math hands on using manipulatives. Visualizing the problem always helps them understand.

Game Boards

Kids LOVE games! A child may strongly dislike subtracting or multiplication, but when you turn it into a board game they suddenly think it is the best!

I have created multiple EDITABLE Valentine’s themed game boards! I have created a Valentine Robot Theme as well as a Valentine Bee theme. You can find these Editable game boards here.

There are two versions of each theme. One version has an editable game board where you can type on the individual blocks of the board. We use this version for sight words, but it can be used for math facts, or really anything your heart desires. The other version of the game has editable game cards that you can use for the game. You can again customize the game however you would like for any subject, topic or grade level.

You simply need one die, two game pieces (we used our plastic hearts but you can use anything from erasers to counters to paper clips), and your game board and game cards (if applicable). I suggest laminating your game board or placing your game board into a plastic page protector for durability!

Conversation Heart Math

I have taught Pre K- 5th grade and I have found that candy or food always makes my students more excited about learning! Conversation Heart Candy will make these math activities tons of fun for your students.

My conversation math FREEBIE can be found here. It contains multiple activities including: Sorting, Tally Chart, Bar Graph, Differentiated Addition, Differentiated Subtraction, Differentiated Word Problems. Aside from my freebie from TpT, you will need conversation hearts, crayons, and a pencil.

Check back this weekend for some baby/toddler Valentine’s themed activities! Thanks for stopping by!

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