Why would I Follow this Blog? I’m not a Teacher…

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Is this blog just for teachers? NO! This blog is for anyone who wants to do fun activities with children of all ages. I will be posting a variety of activities for babies, toddlers, and elementary school aged children.

Yes…some of it will be directed towards teachers, but that doesn’t mean that parents or caregivers can’t do these educational activities too! I am all about making learning FUN!

Most of my learning activities will seem more like games rather than “learning”. Here are a few examples of some of the things I will be posting. Since I am just doing an overview here, the following activities will not be as detailed as a normal post, so please drop a comment if you would like some more information about any of these activities below! 


Did you know that high contrast images actually help with infant brain development? According to research, high-contrast colors like black and white register most strongly with baby and encourage brain growth and faster visual development.

There are also other positive impacts. High contrast books can help your little one with eye development, attention span, tracking abilities, and can also help lengthen dreaded tummy time sessions. The black, white and bright color contrasts are sure to be a winner with your baby and help get them excited about books.

You can find these books and similar items here


PlayDoh is great for little learners. I love the PlayDoh shape and learn colors and shapes set. It comes with shape cutters, two mats, and a small teaching manual for parents/teachers. My two year old is currently working on shapes and colors, and she absolutely loves rolling out the dough and cutting her shapes.

The kit also comes with a pattern mat and a picture mat. The possibilities are really endless for what you can do with PlayDoh to help littles learn. You do not need this specific set, you can make activities on your own, but I loved how it all came together in one box with activities to follow and modify based on your little learners abilities.

Mom Hack: I also love saving the plastic bags from sheets or curtains to use for storage! I keep everything playdoh related zippered up in this plastic bag we had.

You can find this PlayDoh set here.


Teaching your child to read starts with letters and letter sounds! Learning letter sounds, in my opinion, is actually more important than being able to identify the letter names at first. It is important for children need to understand that letters represent speech sounds, go together to form words, and that changing letters changes the sound and also the word. 

These beginning letter sounds wheels are a great way for students to practice identifying the sounds that specific letters make. This is also a great fine motor activity for students. 

How to use the Beginning Letter Sound Clip Wheels

  1. Print these wheels out on cardstock for durability. You may also choose to laminate them for extra durability.
  2. Read the letter in the center to the child, go over the sound that letter makes. Tell child what each picture is. You may need to emphasize the sounds more depending on the exposure that child has had with letter sounds.
  3. Students will use the clothespins (I prefer the smaller clothespins) to clip the corresponding pictures that go with the designated letter sound on each wheel. 

You can find my Beginning Letter Sound Clip Wheels here.

I will be posting all of my teaching resources on my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, Taylored to Teach Store.

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